Welcome Orange Polska

We would like to inform you that from July 12, 2021 all requests for proposal (RFP) as well as requests for information (RFI) of Orange Polska S.A will be carried out via a purchasing platform, available on OnePlace Marketplanet

If you wish to gain full access to procurement procedures in Orange Polska it is necessary to register at Marketplanet OnePlace via link https://oneplace.marketplanet.pl/rejestracja?supplier=ORANGE. The registration guide you can find in section "Regulations and procedures for purchasing process". You can also contact the customer service at +48 22 257 22 23 or via e-mail: Oferenci.orange@marketplanet.pl Once the registration process at OnePlace is completed you can search the Orange Purchasing Platform in the side panel by choosing "Services". Access to the Orange zone will be available from July 12, 2021.

If you already have an existing account on OnePlace Portal all it takes is to log into your account via https://oneplace.marketplanet.pl/poczatek choose "Services" from the menu search the Orange Purchasing Platform, choose "Enter". By doing this we will receive your application to our bidder database. Access to the Orange platform will be available from July 12, 2021.

New procurement procedures will no longer be published on the previously used Orange Bidders platform from July 12. 2021. This link will be available until all purchasing processes published before July 12 will be closed.

If you are looking for more information about Orange procurement process please visit websites of our suppliers: https://www.orange.pl/zobacz/suppliers